In the heart of The Loop on Jewelers Row, New York Jewelers unveils a conduit to financial agility - Luxury Loans. It's a service rooted in trust, discretion, and the rich heritage of a business that has flourished since 1890. The essence of Luxury Loans is to offer a private, swift, and accurate avenue for those seeking to elevate their luxury assets into immediate financial value.

The journey begins with a visit to our prestigious location at 11 N. Wabash Ave., where the ambiance resonates with the luxury and elegance that define fine jewelry and timepieces. As you step into the realm of Luxury Loans, the essence of privacy envelops the experience. With private rooms for evaluations and a team of expert appraisers, every interaction is tailored to ensure discretion and accuracy.

The core of Luxury Loans is the collateralized loan process. Unlike traditional loans, the collateralized nature eliminates the necessity of credit checks, making the process not only fast but also personal. Each loan is custom-tailored, with terms crafted to align with individual circumstances. The majority of our loans are short-term, spanning up to six months, offering a respite for immediate financial needs while ensuring a competitive rate.

At the helm of the appraisal process is a team of seasoned experts, whose collective experience in jewelry and timepieces transcends decades. Their meticulous appraisal ensures the true value of your assets is recognized, forming the foundation of the loan. The valuation journey is thorough yet swift, eliminating bottlenecks and facilitating a seamless transition to financial liquidity.

As a full-service jewelry store and timepiece center, New York Jewelers extends beyond the loan. Our array of complementary services, from standalone appraisals to full repair services, ensures the longevity and brilliance of your luxury assets. Whether restoring a piece to its former glory or crafting a new narrative through custom design, the possibilities are as endless as the craftsmanship is exquisite.

Luxury Loans is more than a service; it's a commitment to fostering enduring relationships, epitomized by a tradition of exceptional service. It's about transforming the value of luxury assets into a tangible financial solution, discreetly and efficiently. Explore the realm of possibilities with Luxury Loans, where your assets unlock the door to financial flexibility, enveloped in a tradition of trust and excellence.